“Shallow men believe in luck, strong men believe in cause and effect.”

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If you are a party to mediation and have additional questions, please contact your legal representatives.  Contacting Christopher Stanley & Associates directly threatens its neutrality in the mediation and could cause delays in the proceedings.


What Is Mediation? 

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which an impartial, mutually acceptable, and neutral third-party is called in to help you reach an agreement. 


Who Is the Mediator?

Christopher Stanley & Associates has been providing mediation services for more than decade. 

Successful mediators go through intensive training, have no interest in the affected parties, and often maintain a litigation docket.  Our Firm has a strong track record in providing mediation services to a variety of clients.


What Can the Mediator Do?

Christopher Stanley & Associates helps parties reach a settlement amongst themselves.  With our strong track record, we've helped affect parties focus on what is relevant to the mediation, and find a middle ground for a successful agreement.


What's the Process?

The Firm operates under Mediation Rules which all affected parties agree to follow prior to meeting.

Mediation can be handled in several ways, either in joint caucus or in separate groups.  The focus being a successful resolution for affected parties. 

Sometimes the parties start in joint caucus, which is where everybody meets in a single room and either the lawyers or the clients (or both) discuss the issues.  Often the parties break into separate groups, based upon everyone's respective interests.   

When in separate groups, the Mediator will not disclose information unless specifically permitted, exceptions covered under the Mediation Confidentiality Agreement agreed to prior to meeting.  


What's the Benefit?

The most significant benefit is the ability to help control the outcome versus the unknown of a legal trial.  Another benefit is the ability to move beyond legal issues, putting the matter behind you. 


What's the Cost?

For two party cases, Christopher Stanley & Associates charges $250.00 per hour, divided between the parties.  In multi-party cases, the Firm charges $100.00 per hour, per party. 

There is either a four or eight hour minimum, with each half-hour over the allotted time charged as well.  Fees are paid at the mediation.


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